Simplify your life with Smart Home

Simplify your life with Smart Home: how your home feeling can be even more comfortable

Why would you do everything at home in the “normal” way, when it could all be done much easier and above all more comfortable? As we experience it more and more often:
time seems to have become more scarce. Our days often start with traffic jams going to work (nowadays perhaps less due to telework), children have to be prepared/picked up from school, then we do our shopping, cooking, cleaning up, in addition some other domestic chores, then there are the social/family duties which should not be forgotten and undoubtedly some other tasks still are remained. And in between all these hustle and bustle, you may sometimes be glad for just not neglecting your necessary meals during the day.

And when you’ve finally found some time and a place to relax in the evening after a busy day, lying in front of the TV, or reading a book or chatting with your partner, you realize that you’ve forgotten to turn on the heating in your bedroom to preheat it just before going to sleep. Or the front/backdoors are not locked yet, the garage door is not shut down, the light in the kitchen is still on, the lighting in the living room is not dimmed enough, … and various other things that literally require you to get up and out of your comfort. And we’re not talking about an exciting, pleasant form of stepping out of your comfort zone, but rather a routine, annoying must to arrange something practical. This while you were relaxing so comfortably …

It can be easier/simpler

Good news though. From now on you no longer have to constantly abandon your comfort spot. After all, with our various Smart Home products you can maintain your comfort to the maximum and take it even further to new heights. Whether you’re already living there for years or have only just moved into your dream house, with everything fixed in terms of interior wishes, design and home decoration, your comfortable home feeling can still be improved much more. So fulfill your dream home in every detail, save your time and above all gain more comfort!

With Smart Home, the possibilities are numerous and this will only increase in the future.
You can visit our Online Store and choose from a wide range of products (all of which are provided with an extensive manual and tips).

A selection of our Smart Home devices are the following:

  • Home Control
  • Hubs and Speakers
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Sockets and Switches
  • Signal Amplifiers
  • Starter Kits and Bundles
  • Security systems (cameras, door systems, sensors and alarm systems)

But what exactly is Smart Home?

The principle with Smart Home is simple: by connecting your devices and facilities at home to your WiFi network, you can control/operate them in a smart way from your home or even outside from it. So you can control your lighting, heating, audio systems, security systems and much more via your smartphone, tablet or computer, regardless of which room you are in. A smart home basically offers the same benefits as all technologies generally do, namely: providing convenience and saving time. Thus the era of the home of the future has arrived and Smart Home will serve you as the ultimate comfort maker.

Looking for more inspiration?

Are you looking for innovative ideas for a comfortable home feeling? Then take a look at our Online Store SmartHome-Comfort. Discover our products and find out which ones suit you best and what you need. Be sure to also keep an eye on our Blog page for future pieces with more info, tips and tricks.

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