Netatmo - Smart Alarm System with Camera

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Compatible with Iphone, Ipad en Android

Minimalism Design

339,99 Incl. Vat

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Netatmo – Smart Alarm System with Camera

339,99 Incl. Vat

Protect your home and prevent break-ins with a complete security solution

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a complete video alarm system

Burglary need no longer be a worry! The Netatmo Smart Alarm System with Camera has everything covered. It offers full protection for your home and provides you with real peace of mind.

Going out? No sweat! The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera, Door and Window Sensors, and Indoor Siren keep a close eye on your home.

Receive an alert and take action even before a break-in occurs

Your Netatmo Smart Alarm System with Camera alerts you to a problem even before an intruder manages to break in. How? Installed on the doors and windows of your choosing, our sensors can tell if someone is trying to force entry.

When this happens, you receive an immediate notification on your smartphone. Want to take action? It’s easy. Set up your Alarm System so that the Indoor Siren goes off automatically if an intruder tries to break in.

Is there an intruder in your home? Your Alarm System alerts you and scares them away

The Netatmo Smart Alarm System with Camera protects your home in several ways. Your Smart Indoor Camera can distinguish between a familiar and an unfamiliar face.

If it spots an intruder in your home, it sends a notification and a video of the intrusion to your smartphone. Meanwhile, the Indoor Siren automatically sounds its deafening 110-decibel alarm.

Easy to set up

Smart and straightforward – that’s the thinking behind Netatmo products. It’s easy to install your new Alarm System.

Download the Netatmo Security app to your smartphone and connect the various elements. Simply place your Smart Indoor Camera and Indoor Siren in your entranceway and stick your Door and Window Sensors on the doors and windows to be monitored. You are now protected!

Access to all features with no subscription

There are no hidden costs. All features and updates for your alarm system along with video storage are accessible at any time without subscription.

Local storage of your videos on the included microSD card.

Choose to automatically save your videos in your personal Dropbox or FTP server.

Full protection for your home: Camera, Siren and Sensors

System arms and disarms itself automatically

Did you dash out of the house to catch your train and forget to switch on the alarm system? No problem! The Netatmo Smart Alarm System with Camera arms and disarms itself automatically when you leave and return home.

No more false alarms

Avoid being disturbed or waking the neighbors for a false alarm.

Pre-recorded noises make it sound like there’s someone home

When it comes to deterring an intruder, you can never take too many precautions. Your Netatmo Smart Alarm System with Camera offers a selection of pre-recorded domestic noises, including the sound of a dog barking, children crying or hoovering.


SIZEHeight: 35 mm

Diameter: 130 mm

MECHANICS & DESIGNHigh quality plastic and metal grid. This product is designed for indoor use
SOUND110dB buzzer to sound a loud alarm. Speaker to play sound effects.
WIRELESS SPECIFICATIONSWireless connection between the Siren and the Welcome camera: Bluetooth Low Energy. The Siren needs to be installed in the same room as the Welcome camera
POWER AND BATTERIESPowered by 4 AA batteries or via microUSB (power adapter and cable not included). Autonomy on batteries: 2 years
GOOD TO KNOWYou have the option of connecting up to 1 Netatmo Indoor Siren to each Welcome camera. The Netatmo Indoor Siren is sold individually and works with the Welcome camera, sold separately

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