HELTUN - Z-Wave Thermostat For Fan Coil Systems (Black)

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207,99 Incl. Vat

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HELTUN – Z-Wave Thermostat For Fan Coil Systems (Black)

207,99 Incl. Vat

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When considering thermal comfort,

what aspects are the most important?

Is it general room temperature?

Heating or cooling temperature?

Conditioning or ventilation speed?

Or may be something else?

Whatever the need, HELTUN guarantees to take care of it


When an electronic device carries out its function, a certain amount of heat is generated. As a result, the ambient temperature is usually reported incorrectly, with merely a 1.5-2.0 degrees Celsius precision. HELTUN engineers added two additional internal sensors that consider excess heat generated from the device itself, whilst a special compensating software calculates the ambient temperature with an incredible 0.2-0.3 degrees Celsius precision.


The HELTUN Fan Coil Thermostat has 5 relay outputs each with max 5A load and two independent inputs for relay channels which allow it to control systems with different power sources for Fan Speed and heating/cooling control. It is possible or to use outputs as dry contacts.
Input 1 with the required power source is for relay channels 1, 2 and 3, which can be loaded up to a max 15A and used for fan speed control.
Input 2 with the required power source is for relay channels 4 and 5, which can be loaded up to a max 10A and used for heating/cooling


With our built-in power consumption software logic you can monitor precisely how much energy was used during any particular day, week or month.

Just specify the consumption of the load in watts for each relay channel and the special logic will calculate total consumption relatively to the time since the output is in the ON state.


HELTUN’s large LCD screen shows all the necessary information simultaneously and does not require any additional commands to access it.

There is an instant access to information from all sensors: ambient room temperature, air humidity, current temperature settings, thermostat’s operating mode, climate mode, fan speed, date and time.

Automatic screen brightness control seamlessly adjusts to the ambient light conditions, making it easy to read even in the dark.


You can connect HELTUN devices to a Smart Home gateway/controller using the latest Z-Wave Plus V2 700 platform. HELTUN features advanced Smart Start technology for easy system integration, and the Security 2 (S2) framework with AES 256 encryption for safe data transfer.

This thermostat is compatible with all Z-Wave certified controllers and devices that properly implement Z-Wave thermostat classes. Using a Z-Wave controller, you can manage all thermostat functions via a mobile application including temperature and mode changes, viewing accurate energy consumption charts, and much more.

Up to 5 separate devices can be connected to your HELTUN thermostat. You can associate it with any Z-Wave compatible ON/OFF switch, or other thermostat, to control different climate systems in a room. You can even connect motion sensors and change thermostat modes when people are detected in the house.

HELTUN devices are compatible with all Z-Wave frequencies for different countries (Europe, Russia, Israel, Australia, USA, India, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Korea). The full list of Z-Wave regions and frequencies is available at Z-Wave Global Regions SiLabs page.

The correct frequency can be selected in the device menu.

HELTUN periodically releases new firmware with additional features and functionality which can be sent to devices via an encrypted OTA.


Association control 50 devices from network
3 operating modes with individual temperature set pointCOM, ECO, TIME
4 time schedule for 7 days of the weekMorning, Day, Evening, Night
4 climate modes
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Heating only,
  • Cooling only,
  • Ventilation only
Software energy consumption meter logicYes
Consumption meter resetYes
Temperature sensors calibrationYes
Temperature set intervals4.0°C to 37.0°C
Choosing a temperature hysteresis0.1°C – 9.5°C
Choosing a degree Celsius / Fahrenheit
Adjustable LCD brightnessAuto or Manual
LCD standby modeYes
Child lock (touch buttons lock)Yes
Factory resetYes
OTA function (Firmware update over the air)Yes


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HELTUN - Z-Wave thermostat for fan coil systems (Black)